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Addressing the Public Health Crisis

During these stressful times, and the growing health crises, you may be feeling an urgency to address some of the problems that have been keeping you from living your life. One of those is anxiety. There are two kinds of anxiety. One that comes from a long time ago and may make us spin out of control. This may be a result of trauma, past failures regarding our care-taking that may cause panic, worry and despair. Another kind of anxiety is more gentle and helps and plan and take care of ourselves. We need the good kind of anxiety, as a teacher. The other kinds is best to addressed through hands-on grounding methods.

It is so important, during times of fear and health concerns, to learn how to calm the nervous system down, how not to get over-anxious, how to trust the body and how to "be-here-now" even as we do our best to follow precautions and be healthy.

I specialize in trauma work over the last 25 years and have a variety of skills that are aimed at distress-tolerance, emotional regulation, and mindfulness. There are so many ways to send healing energy to the body through psychological techniques, and to distinguish helpful anxiety from the toxic kimd.

My way of working is to help you feel safe and cared for. We can address your worries, fears and anxieties. If you prefer, we can even talk via teletherapy/Face Time. I can be "on-call" via texts.

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