Couples come to therapy when communication has broken down and/or there has been a major change of life that can feel disruptive. My training has taught me to work with a combination of therapies, including Imago Therapy, the Gottman Method and Emotion-Focused Therapy. With my guidance, the couple can learn important skills of listening to the emotions fueling the argument and developing empathy for the "child within" each of us who is crying out for help. Greater empathy with self can then help us connect to our partner and come to see their uniqueness and even separateness. We then can come up with a new way to work out difficulties and to frame the relationship as a journey into healing and intimacy. I have been teaching Couples Therapy at Antioch University where I am Core Faculty for the last 20 years where I developed a curriculum in LGBTQ-Affirmative Family Therapy in the LGBT Specialization I founded in 2005.

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