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Much of my practice involves working with Industry folks, directors, writers, producers, hair-and-make up. Another way to say it is that I specialize in working with Creatives. I myself was a performance artist and novelist before I became involved in healing and it was a failed movie dealer based on my 1989 LA Times cover story about gang kids turning to dance that pushed me into healing first myself and then my community.

The work should involve forming an alliance about the enormous stressors involved and to come up with ways of regulating emotion, "managing up," developing an authoritative stance versus a permissive or authoritarian response and learning how to have difficult conversations that are ideally win-win for everyone. Addressing faulty thinking and avoiding catastrophic thinking while enhancing resiliency are key.

In addition, there is deep work that can be done. All too often, Creatives have not had the easiest of childhoods. Creative people can suffer an injury to their self-esteem that extends deep into the past, especially if there are multiple oppressions such as sexual orientation, gender, race and class. It's SO important to try to separate out the Hurt Child from the Adult and utilize any "injuries" taking place On The Set to work on deeper healing and detoxification.

It's also very important for working professionals to have an INNER ORIENTATION that can balance the OUTER ORIENTATION of success-oriented accomplishments, workaholism and achievement-making. I specialize in helping all clients discover missing persons in the heart-selves (the "child," the "bully," the "beloved," the "mother" and the "father"), which is the subject of my forthcoming third book, "Education of the Heart: Becoming Your Own Best Therapist During Challenging times. We can also return to any spiritual practices you may have neglected and learn about energy work, crystal work and different forms of body work and meditation.


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