I am a published author with an award-winning novel, Sacred Lips of the Bronx . New York: St. Martins Press (1994) and the social history book, Sex Between Men: An Intimate History of the Sex Lives of Gay Men, postwar to presen t , published by HarperSan Francisco in 1996 and 1997.

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In this article written for Genre in 1997, " The Psychology of Gay Sex: Mining the Dark Side of Making Love , " I explore the dynamics of looking for the gay soul through gay sexuality and how the gay soul can be discovered through dialogue with the mesmerizing and tantalizing personality behind the sexual fantasies, which entails a sincere and ongoing transformational encounter with painful and unresolved feelings from childhood.

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To see a review on a gay-affirmative book on Frankenstein , and another essay on Harry Hay, the co-founder of the Gay Liberation Movement, and his " Gay Essentialism ."

You can also read my article, Teaching Literature Gay-affirmatively: A Homosexual Individuation Story .

For an autobiographical analysis of psychodynamic themes related to gay men and their unresolved issues with their fathers, and also of archetypal homosexual patterns in the father-son symbolic relationship, see: Sadownick, D. (2003). My Father, My Self: Coming Out Inside as the Next Stage in Gay Liberation . In (Ed). Bruce Shenitz. The Man I Might Become: Gay Men Write About Their Fathers . New York: Marlowe and Company.

For some basic pieces on what gay-centered inner work means, see, Sadownick, D. (1999). Crisis of Conscience in the Gay 90s : Introduction to Gay Soul Making. Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, Summer. and Sadownick, D. (1998). Outing Your Own Shadow . Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, Summer, and The Doors of Gay Self-Realization .

Nietzsche’s Gay Liberation (Originally Published as Nietzsche's Hidden Trail of Desire in the Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide July 1, 2016)

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